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Course curriculum

    1. How to Use This Course

    2. Message from the Instructor

    1. Stock Cycle Basics

    2. Stock Cycle Basics Handout

    3. Caution

    4. Caution Handout

    5. Stock Cycle Basics Quiz

    1. Stock Cycle Anatomy

    2. Stock Cycle Anatomy Handout

    3. Bullish/Slightly Bullish

    4. Bullish/Slightly Bullish

    5. Bearish/Slightly Bearish

    6. Bearish/Slightly Bearish Handout

    7. Neutral Candles

    8. Neutral Candles Handout

    9. Stock Cycle Benefits

    10. Stock Cycle Benefits Handout

    1. Probability Stacking

    2. Probability Stacking Handout

    3. Confirmation Checklist - Action Steps

    4. Confirmation Checklist - Action Steps Handout

    5. Confirmation Checklist (Printable)

    1. Success Blue Print

    2. Success Blue Print Handout

    3. Success Blue Print Printable

    1. Rate Your Trade

    2. Rate Your Trade Handout

    3. Mini-Tutorial: How to Set Multiple Charts on Think or Swim

About this course

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Norecia Callwood

Senior Instructor

Norecia D. Callwood is the founder of Options Trading University and has helped numerous people find success in the stock market. She leads a group of like-minded individuals with one goal-- financial freedom. The members of this group come from various socioeconomic backgrounds but have all chosen to pursue multiple streams of income, namely through the stock market. Norecia is an experienced educator. She earned her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Kennesaw State University in Georgia and later earned her M.S. in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. While teaching elementary school, Norecia presented at workshops, educating parents and preschool teachers about child development and school readiness. She served as the onsite coordinator of her elementary school’s after school program. Eventually, she ventured off on her own and opened Advanced Tutorials, a tutorial center for reading and math serving students of all ages, including adults. Later in her career, Norecia learned how to navigate the stock market and decided to create a comprehensive curriculum in layman’s term for adults to help others achieve financial success. She began teaching in-person courses weekly and later switched to live webinars in order to accommodate more students. The courses are now available online and on-demand which allows each student to move at their own pace.

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